I conceive my creative process as storytelling, the pieces I create are the result of the memories and desires that I accumulate through-out my trips and own personal experiences.

Formed in the awareness of the trade of manufacturing, Elke amalgamates the many worlds that inhabit her. Designer, jeweler, weaver, craftswoman, she has developed her own particular vision, a bit of alchemy, a bit of intuition. She manufactures her creations, a reflection of her travels and ways of experiencing beauty and life, with the honest and profound intention of capturing it in the objects that she intervenes.

Traveler, explorer of textures, folklores, colors… faithful admirer of original and ancestral cultures.

Elke looks for raw material, to later turn them into unique and unrepeatable contemporary garments and jewelry, being worked by a compact and fantastic team of seamstresses, furriers, artisans and indigenous groups in Mexico.

Our Vision

The brand’s vision is entirely devoted into the creation of objects that reflect my vision of natural beauty and embrace the external expression of internal beauty, without regard of fashion trends and focusing in manual crafting, knitting, embroidering and exploring different techniques and fabrics.


Our people

With a studio based in Mexico City I work with natural materials crafted by indigenous groups of different areas of Latin America: Huicholes from Mexico, Mayans from Guatemala, Shipibos from Peru, Cogis and Arahuacos from Colombia and Quechuas as well as Amaras from Bolivia, acquired during my frequent travels and engaged in a fair trade partnership pursuing the permanence and conservation of their ancient craft and traditions, contributing with her personal approach and craft experience, creating one of a kind sustainable objects of both spiritual and aesthetic excellence.

Our process





Buying Elke Klein you are supporting artisans of Mexico, slow fashion and hand made pieces of art


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